HI GUYZ!! my real naem is nolan henriksen. u can call me by my username pkmnfan64!

i absolutely LOVE pokemon and smash broz!! My fave pokemon are jigglypuff and igglybuff, and my smash main is jiglgypuff!! my least fav is wigglytuff so NO WIGGLTUFF FANS ALLOWED (i made an video about it but its not on here nor utube.. look further to find out)

i am the little cousin of the epic masterofpuff14 who has an utube. look it up on google if u want to subcribe him! oh & here an fun fact about US: we both born from norway! we are norwegian so u can see us not beign that fluent in english. we eventually move to the united states though

my favorite nintendo game series of all time is the pokemon mystery dungeon spinoff series! i played as an mudkip in the blue rescue team game and it was epic adventrures. it also wat made he ABSOLUTELY HATE wigglyutff!! >:( and also LOVE iglybuff :D (not bcause of blue rescue team its becuase of a different one)

idk how to end this but i hope u have a good day! blessings from teh igglybuff twins (though i like jigglypuff more than iglybuff.. igglybuff twins is just my internet persona)