The Nostalgia Critic And Channel Awsome Sucks!

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Look At Me No One Likes Me Any More But I Am Epic & I Use A Weapon Im Sooo Imtididating!"

Doug Walker Is An Doug Stinker! AVGN FTW

Reasons Why I Hate Nostalgic Critics!

What An Punchable Face LOL! I Wish I Were There To Punch Him !

  • he hates every thing i like!
  • He have an terrible grin look at him
  • he frosted a cinnabon with an strange wierd object at a con
  • The Avgn pwned him! avgn RULEZ
  • The irate gamer can beat him in an fist fight and i dont even like chris bore >:)
  • Untrustworthy. Lies. Manipulative. that is all doug stinker
  • Channel Awsome Itself On Its Own. You Will Know Why
  • the definition of stupidity and insane: Doug Stinker
  • He Also Hates Adventrue of Sonic The Hedgehog. WHAT!

    Reason Why AVGN Is Better Than Stupid Critic!

  • he rarely review movies andd he play the video games
  • Everyone Can Agre With His Opinion
  • Can beat both doug stinker and irate gamer in an fist fight !
  • epic grin
  • Opposite of doug stinker!
  • Correct joke timings
  • Awsome IN General
  • Doug Stinker Worse Than LJN? YES!

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