Greetigs To My Webrsite

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Hello My Name Is Pingas McGee =)

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I Hope To Become An Great Freinds With You =)

Pingas Mcgee

My name is Pingas McGee. I Am An Wizard Live In Wizard Town. I Destroy Evil And I Also Irish

I Also A Nice Superhero

<-- Is Not Me

<-- Here Is Me In Casual

People Are Call Me Mr. Pingas For Short It Is An Honor

Right Now I Am undefined Years Old And My Birthday Is On undefined Of undefined On undefined

Right Now You Are The Lucky undefined Visitor Of This Webrsite

My Diary

Journal Entry


Pingas Mcgee Wants To Introduce You To My New Sanford And Son Dvd

Here It Is

I Loves Sanford And Son

Thank You For The Read

-Pingas Mcgee

Journal Entry

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Today I Found An Very Funny Video

Thanks To My Friend Tate Jenkins

It is Called Cherry CHocolate Rain

Tay Zondy Is Funny

I DoNt Known How To Embed An YouTube Video So You Have To Look Up


-Pingas Mgee

Journal Entry


This Is An Test. Please Embed Bob Saget

If It Works I Will Tell Mr. Walker I Am Awsome

-Pingas MCgee

p.s. bob saget rules

William Maggie

2nd Grade Report

Mr. Walker

January 2009

Graduate in 2020