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hello world you can call me mr.rickroll. u know the rules and so do i

my internet ` s user name dQw4w9WgXcQ. u can also call me dQ (it ` s short for that & people call me it)

let me show you fun facts about me

come scroll down. it will be a funny adventure

mr rickroll

my real name ` s rick hernandez. you may think i am named after rick asley but coincidentfully it truely is first name

i am a good friend of the person who goes by the name of pkmnfan64 we first met at middle schol i belive (may be wrong ?)

sory for bad english. my first language ` s spanish. i am of argentina origin. you can tell by the wierd apsotrophe ` s

i make fanmutations. if you are not know what they are they are awsome wierd animations made using flash. take "hyakugojyuichi" by neil cicieriga for example wich u may have herd or seen somwhere. who know ` s

i am fond of nitendo franchises. mario & pokemon are my favs i own on nintendo 64. my fav pokemon is mudkipz and woopers (they are axolotl ` s wich r great animals, fav even, i wish i own an axolotl)

i have utube ! i am still learning how too use it how ever. if you know a special feature of youtube let me know idk how to upload an video to there

music music i like music

rick rolls

i am very vry fond of 80s 90s music such as rick asley and ray parker jr. i have a colelcion of them im share to napster and limewire

and yes i like useing these peer2peer services. i introduce pkmnfan64 and his relative masterofpuff14 too them. ask me if u want the user name ` s of both (only if you are an good friend of mine !)

my fav music in these collection are "together 4ever" by rick asley, "jamie" by ray parker jr, ghostbuster theme by ray parker jr, etc etc

i listen 2 this music in my free time outside of school. some times on ipod ! ipod is great tehcnology by apple

i don ` t norrmally tell any one this but i like listeing to hampton and the hampster. they made hampster dance and other fun song ` s. take a listen to the hampster dance album it is fun

the blog of mr.rickroll

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November 14, 2019

hahhhahahhahhhhahhhahahahhaha i made it


re: wat ` s on my mind today no 3 ? (brave little toaster)

November 4, 2019

i nearly forget to mention i have wacthed the two other sequel ` s of brave little toaster. i think it was wroth watching i geuss. lol

i don ` t feel like show off the posters for two of them i ` m too lazy 2 do so so

the firsts sequel i wacthed was brave lttle toaster to the rescue. it ` s a little bit wierd but its an A for me. the chase scene waz funny and i like that machine thing who helps the appliances and ratso halfway int othe movie

wait but who ` s ratso? he ` s a rat who become mean at first but at the end friendly. just like the vacuum lolz. why dose their master own a rat though tat ` s wat i want to know?

the second sequel.. brave little toaster goes to mars.... blegh? wat ` s the point of adding a baby into teh movie unless it was in the original book ` s wich i have not readed yet. it ` s wierd. not the best but all right

well i belive that ` s all i have 2 say about these

stay ricktrolling


funny of week no 6

November 4, 2019 (edited November 4, 2019)

ops! look ` s like i miss anothered week. sorry for the delay

anyway ` s here an image i find funny i have it saved on my pc

hahahahhah ! its george "despicable dubya" bush dodging the great shoe attack

it look ` s like he ` s a dj using a turntable during white house party though.....

well here ` s a photoshop i made while bored:

trololololol well that maks up for the previous week i missed


funny of the week no 5

October 24, 2019 (edited October 24, 2019)

i well show u something funny. are u ready? here we go

lol it ` s mr bean reaqdy to do some funny tricks on people

rowan atinkson is an amazement to behold

i like mr bean & hyakugojyuuichi

thankz for reading


wat ` s on my mind today no 3 ?

October 22, 2019

sorry funny of the week no 5 is delayed 4 now. reasons being idk maybe i didnt find an funny yet on the internetz

anyway ` s what ` s on my mind 2day? well 2day im thinking of the 80s musical childrens film wich it ` s called brave little toaster

this the poster for the movie. i believ dis is an disney movie ! every1 like ` s disney & so do i

think of brave little toaster like toy story but with appliance ` s. dat ` s brave little toaster 2 me and u. the plot is about an toaster (toaster), radio (radio), lamp (lampy), blanket (blanky), & mean vacuum (kirby (wich i keep thinking is not an real name. lol)) finding their "master" after the home they live in was for sale

here r the characters. my fave one is radio he ` s loud & annoying ad he ` s also funny. his best friend is lampy who ` s also that. they also argue lots !

the song such as ``its a b movie`` are awsome. i ` m no big fan of musical that much but dis stands out. an watch was worth it

if u want to see the film go buy it right now i tell you !

i ` ll see u with another funy of the week no 5


ps i have not yet watched the other movies such as brave little toaster to the rescue and brave little toster go to mars. is it worth watching as well? u tell me

funny on the week no 4

October 15, 2019

finnaly an correctly timed funny of the work blog post again. here ` s something find on the internet wich i find funny. it will be very short

here it is the funny of the work for the fourth time

fireman. what is his purpose? lol


funny of the week no 3

October 10, 2019

opps i forgot again! i was busy help masterofpuff14 make his own guest book so that ` s why i was inactive for few days

anyway here ` s funny of the week number 3

lol the whopper is have arms and eyes and phone in the game whopper chase

i like burger king and i like atari

thanks oncce again for the read

keep rick rolling

-mr rickroll

on my mind tdoay no 2

October 3, 2019

what ` s on my mind today? well today i think of.. alvin and the chipmunks

here ` s alvin and the chipmunks. they are master of trades as they have cartoon show , music , and movies. they are like hampton and the hampsters before hampton and the hampsters

they are cover music like 80 ` s music. they covered awsome stuff like ``walk like egyptian`` & ``wich doctor`

there are unffoficial songs by them wich people call chipmunk remixes, jus take an song and pitch it up by 12 semitones on audacity

wel that is all i say about alvin and the chipmunks for today

stay rickrolling



funny of the week no 2

October 2, 2019 (edited October 2, 2019)

sorry i nealry forgot about this

anyway here ` s something vary funny i find on the internet

hahahahahahahahahahah obama is a pharoah

that is all i promise i make another funny of the week blogpost next week

stay rolling like rickrolling

-mr rickroll

haloween costume

October 2, 2019

today is day i show my halloween costume for halowen because today is october second

do you like what u see?

thanks for reading

-mr rickroll

bill clinton

September 27, 2019 (edited September 27, 2019)

the 90 ` s president and perhap ` s my favorite thouhg he has his own problem ` s. his name ` s william "bill" clinton and he rocks & blows

who could ` nt forget tat time he play an elvis song at arsenio hall with his sexy sax? and who colud ` nt forgot the time he sing parody of mambo no 5 (a song by wierd al) ?

that ` s why he ` s a funny guy. he has a cat named socks who was rumored to have its own game for teh super nintendo wich i find wierd. i like bubsy and mario still

gotta love willy ! he also has his own album called ``bill clinton jam sessions : the pres blows`` (lol) and it sounds pleasent. this is why i love the bill clinton and his funny doing ` s

this was a report on bil clinton the president

-mr rickroll

(edit: wow bill clinton is weareng a nice red shirt. wait ! that ` s my web page background color howver i am keeping it for the lulz)

quick thing

September 27, 2019 (edited September 27, 2019)

if you think the blog post ` s take too much room for this page plz let me know !

i will make an separete page for them if i get enough comment ` s about it


-from rick

(edit: if u want to email me for cool thing ` s here is Send Mail i hope it ` s the right address & works or i will be dissapointed)

on my mind today no.1

September 27, 2019 (edited September 27, 2019)

wat is on my mind today? well today i ` am thinking of wooper from pokemon

here ` s wooper. as i mentioned woopers are my fave pokemon ` s along mudkip. i a fascinated by axototl ` s and i want 1 for chrismas

wooper is funny in the poke mon anime serie ` s they like to mess with people and is also stupid. they live in the lake ` s they ` re funny as i mention befored.

tat is what ` s on my mind today its wooper

stay rickrolling for more thoughts by mr rickroll

-from rick

(p.s.: 1 thing i learn today is that chansey is an axolotl. uh oh ! not so good new ` s for my friend ` s brian & nolan maybe except for eric)

how to pwn n00b

September 24, 2019 (edited September 24, 2019)

here is how ` s to deal with n00b in your game

use an zeeky boogy doog! tat is wat u call an hero

another way : give them virus on pc (moarkip virus is a example)

thank you for the reaidng

this ` s for the lulz sorry


funny of the week no.1

September 24, 2019 (edited September 27, 2019)

here is somthing i found it ` s funny

he ` s name is gordon the pringle ` s giraffe

i like pringle ` s and i like giraffe ` s

funny like an mudkip

thanks for reading the funny of the week

i will see you again with another funny of the week

stay rickrolling


re: re: moarkip theme song

September 22, 2019

its finally here

check it out at utube or here

thank ` s for pateince


re: moar kip ` s theme song

September 22, 2019

sorry it was not come out three days ago like i promise ` d

i will get to working on it again with masterofpuff14

he will upload to utube after it is finally done for

thank ` s for the patience and beware of moarkip !


my awsome bro

September 22, 2019

my bro is awsome. he ` s username is THEMADSAC and his real name ` s carl hernandez

he is vary friendly and christian. but i do ` nt go to church for personnel reasons

he big fan of metal like dragon force and metallica (his fav bands). hes different of me as he hate ` s 80s 90s music ` s

he love anything wresatling , sports , rock , and my little pony (wierd)

his fav wwe wrestler is carlito caribbean cool

thanks for reading

-mr rickroll

moarkip ` s theme song

September 19, 2019

last night i was helping my friend masterofpuff14 on how to use audacity

this week we are collabing on moarkip ` s theme

it will be available on the moarkip virus page. donot click it you will get the moarkip virus !

it is an ytpmv of one winged angel from final fantasies and moar krabs and mudkipz

is will be epic

it will be finished today hope fully


hello hello

September 18, 2019 (edited September 19, 2019)

today i learn how to make an blog post with help from pingas mcgee and masterofpuff14

tat is great


thanks for the read