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News (new!)

November 14, 2019: Hi guys i think im allowed 2 say dis. for some reason i cant open hypercam2 on my laptop because itz "bloccked by administrator" will anyonen help????? i dont want 2 end my utube anticlimatically!!!! =( ='(

October 30, 2019: Oh and i haev MYSPACE now!!! woo

October 30, 2019: Be on da lookout for my new ytp dat i announced earlier this month. Moarkip destroys da world & spread everywhere!!! an COLLAB by my friendz dQ & pkmnfan64 my cousin

October 30, 2019: NEW! I now have my very own fanpop fan club!!! scroll down 2 look

October 28, 2019: NEW! im a proud member of wacky corps inc! So proud that it now has its own webpage. ON HERE =D!! for those who dont know its a "company" that maeks flash games and anmimations(?) check it out: Here

October 18, 2019: UPDATE! finally updated teh interesting utube channels section wich u can find by scrolling down below. Now it has more than 1 channle! woo scooby doo

October 18, 2019: SLIGHTLY NEW! there r rumors dat barack obama is in smash bros brawl. is it 4 real? click here 2 read

October 18, 2019: SLIGHTLY NEW! Prepare ur anus for the PINGAS PARADE

October 18, 2019: NEW! Click here 2 tour my house! U can currently view outside of it though

October 18, 2019: dis is the date when the news section was made


Helloe there stranger! my name is MASTEROFPUYFF14 and welcoem to my official webpage. all about me! itsm y fanpage about me. let mme show you..


My user namme is masterofpuff14. my birth names Brian Henriksen and i m male. im born on january 16 . as u can tell im fan of pokemon. im BIG fan of JIGGLYPUFIFF! anywayz..

ever sence i moved from Norway to the united state with my family,, i wanted to be an succesful utuber who want to get 100 subs like smosh and raywiliamjohndon and fred and realannoyingorange!

& that is why i am do GAMIJG videos! more specifically a series i call 'letz play'. my very first episode of letz play was mario for the nintendo 66. click HERE to vieiw it!

i made more & more vidoes after that adn i gain 2 subscirbers 3 SUBSCIRBERS for doign so. THAT IS AWSOME!!!! i love my fanz! =D

smash bro ftw!

I am dont play just mario. i play more games like flash games and my absolute fave video ghame nintnendo series of all time.. SUPER SMASH BROTHERSSSS!!!!!

Smash brothe ris wat made me love jiggly puff more and more andn MORE!! she is so fun 2 play i donot c are about tier lists it is full of an bullshit. it is fun to play as an jiglgypuff! YAY

It is also the origin of my user name. i am an master at puff. LOL =D



before moving to the united state my good awsome cousin showed me a game call pokemon for the nintendo game boy. he say he bought it from an thrift store it is cool to here

I put the cartrirgde on my game boy and i played it. for 10 hghours!! i eventually beat it an week later.

My final thoughts were.. THIS GAME IS AWSOME AND SO FUN!! I want to catch poekmon in real life! so dats how my obsession with pokemon begun. =D

i luv my cousin he better than my big mean bro who i talk about later


real pikablu

my big bro telled me about the legend of teh pikablu while i was playing the game & i belived him. for those who dont know pikablu is an ultra "poke god" (take an metwo for example)

but then i learn it is hoax days later and i PUNCH my big bro! dats what u get for lyign! but STIL i believe in pikablu =D im still will talk about big bro later

my fave poekomon not in order!

Ok here goes

  • JIGGLYPUFF (oviously
  • MUDKIPZ (oivously & they r cute =D)
  • IGGLYBUFF (my cousin;s favorite!)
  • MARILL (woo hoo!
  • i liek pichu!
  • SLOWPOKE and WOOPER (theyr funny
  • dats all i could think of for now unfourtnately =(

    but i can say my least fave pokemons are CHANSEY AND WIGGLYTUFF >=((((( THEY ARE MUST DIE!

    My family and friendds!

    my dedicated section of family & friends! this is for always be with me. enjoy! =D

    tip: to learn more about my family and friends click on their picture !)


    pkmnfan64 is my cousin user name and he love igglybuff!! I think its because of a diferent pokemon game hes says he love him because of somethign called mystery dungeon. he also hates wigglytuff because of dat game., wat is that idk but im pretty sure hes talking about the super secret mode in syobon action (original cat mario!

    from wat i previously said b4 he introduce me to the awsome game series dat is pokemon. He also introduce me to smash brothers!! i forgot 2 mention but that is AWSOME!!! =D =D =D =D

    dis is why i LOVE my cousin!! he is awsome and have same interests like me. I want 2 post his utube here but he says it is private for now so i wont for now =( i would becuz he have awsome vids on ther!


    ugly muscle man

    My evil brother. u may find "'gachibigbro' an cool guy but in reality he is an devil of hell in disguise. No he is AWFUL MANS! D= he luvs to prank me and he watch ugly musclemen ytpmv (wtf??) He get his username because of the ugly musclemen and dat i call him "big bro" alwayz idk why i do dat.

    His pranks are SATANIC! he hid my nintendo 64 for an prank and dats satanic it is sin to heaven! I wish i could nail him 2 the cross (avgn reference) grr... I hoep u hate him like how much i do! if u do u r awsome =D


    mr rickroll is an interesting fellow. im call him mr rickroll bcuz i dont want to call him by dat wierd jumbled username.. look it up on google maybe? =)

    Anywayz mr. rickroll is a irl friend of my cousin! he is awsome and he use limewire & napster like us! He also made some thing called an "Moarkip".. it is an evil being and an combination of mudkip and moar krabs!! Ahh i will show u below

    teh evil MOARKIP!!1

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH dat is freaky!!

    Mr rickroll also make animiutation. its cool 2 here dat we all love animutation!! He also have utube but hes learning how to use it first so., he is very cool at least!! =D

    Pingas Mcgee

    My good friend in my school, PINGAS Mcgee! I think hes in 11th or 12th grade idk i forgot which maybe ill ask him l8r..

    Hes a good at youtube poop making! He even iunspired me to make one of my own on utube here! he also an big fan of the tv show 'sanford & somn'. Mine is sponge bob!

    plz note that if u want to know more about pingas mcgee you have to click on the picture which leadz to teh website he made during 2nd grade.. Just an warning fir now because he hates of even mentioning it

    Leeroy jenkems

    a friend in my school. rumor has it dat this guy lost an bet And he had to make and try his own Jenkem.

    dats how he got the nick name "Leeroy jenkems"! And for a fact dat hes an fan of chocolate. and 4 an fact his actual last name is also jenkins! he prefers 2 be called leeroy short though and i think i kno why.. LOL

    Him and mr.rickroll have similar interests. dey use peer2peer services like napster and limewire.. and they hate justin beieber. Thats all i could think of at least! Lulz =D

    He plays teh game runescape & The guy also introduce me 2 tay zonday.. the creator of chocolate rain. hes funny and awsome i wonder how he found him hmmmmmmm. LOL

    Tem temmie

    Epic friend from school of mine.. like pingas mcgee he makes awsome ytps on youtube such as dis one (see its funny!

    he once got suspended for reasons wich i wont say but their obvious if u know him well. See his page 4 urself it has an funny vid attached! he also lieks undertale but idk wat it is, i kno its an game should i play it lmk?


  • Click here if u want to see my utube
  • CLick here for news about me on twitter (its blocked for me at school im making this site at school as well wtf!)
  • here is MY EMAIL =D (special thankz 2 mr rickroll for helping me on how to embed email adress on html !)
  • Scroll up to sign my brand new Ultraguest guestbook !
  • Officel fanpop fan club of me!
  • if u want Scroll up 4 my myspace profile !
  • Have any game suggestions for me 2 lets play? tell me in utube comments or on twitter and i will do it!

    fun links (big big wip!

    sites i reuploaded to here wit permisison

  • Space jam fan site (teh original creator had a guest book dats how i manage 2 contact him. wont link it here 4 privacy)
  • Garfield method official web site (dis 1 in particular is vary interesting.. It is just powerpoints abt teh scientific method but heavilly modified 2 include garfield. see 4 urself!
  • a adobe fan page i help worked on!
  • anti-doug walker (AKA nostalgic critic)!

    links of awsome

  • the book of mozila! (known as an morzizla firefox easter egg even though i donot use firefox)
  • a funny an great site homestar runner
  • coach z offical website (i luv coach z & homestar runner!)
  • Anti grand pa joe web page! (ive always wanted to make something liek this but with wiglgytuff!
  • (read teh url care fuly .............)
  • solja boy music vidoe
  • pikachu swearing real
  • dirnking out of cups (it has an funny lizard)
  • teh hampster dance!
  • HAKUGOJYUCHI (great animutation of all times)
  • the pingas parade (i maed it!)

    cool gamez

  • Toilet in wonderland (idk wat it is but i have yet 2 play it on utube.. i hoep its awsome)
  • Ytmnd the game! (its pokemon with ytmnd memez!)
  • pacman 3d whitehouse ediiton! (UPDATE 10/18/19: i hate dis game dont play it its scary!!! want proof?)
  • Club penguin
  • Hampster dance revolution
  • Total distortio!!n (for pc. no download bcuz dat would be illegal
  • earthquake info quiz 4 kids (its for kids liek me!) (UPDATE 10/18/19: i hate dis game dont play it its scary!!! want proof?)

    interetsing utube channles

  • team sponkel! (Creators of hotel mario the movie and theyre still going strong !)
  • pikaboy2791 (lol)
  • puppy teeth (dey make funny utube poops!)
  • Fat pikachu (A funny utube channel with pikachu going on funny adventures)
  • mr. fuckaduckscrew (VERY FUNNY VIDS!!!1)
  • more 2 come! have any suggestions 4 more fun links?

    copyruight masterofpuff14 2019-